We are UMA, a design studio with the ambition to bring innovative thinking into branding through creativity and design.
We create powerful, meaningful, and disruptive visual brand identities for bold and audacious clients.



Novum Magazine
In terms of content, the readers of this issue of Novum are invited for a world tour. Design studios from Austria, Italy, Denmark, Singapore. Russia and Portugal - UMA.


Portugal By Design
Within the context of the Portuguese Design Year 2014/2015’s Official Programme, the book Portugal by Design was released and UMA was selected to be part of it.


A selection of logos from around the world with the participation of some of our projects: Paraguay country brand, Knit You and Hotel Convento do Salvador


Los Logos 8
A classic compilation and thoughtfully curated showcase of current developments in logo design, With our logos Knit You, Lets Go Green and Hotel Convento do Salvador.



European Design Awards Prémio Novos Artistas EDP
PNA brand was given a silver award in the brand identity category in ED Awards.

Vienna Austria


European Design Awards
Let´s Go Green was awarded a nomination in the brand identity category.

Vienna Austria

Silver award at Art Directors Club of Europe
ADCE awarded KnitYou brand Identity with a Silver award.

Barcelona Spain


Grand Prix at Portugal Creative Club Festival
Brand identity Kastelo was awarded a Grand Prix at the CCP Festival.

Lisbon Portugal

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